An Irish Tradition

Drinking a Tullamore D.E.W. with a beer unlocks the complimentary flavours in both, and the classic ritual of enjoying both beverages side-by-side goes back generations. It’s an old Irish tradition that we hope to celebrate and share with the world. The perfect pairing of D.E.W. and a brew may go way back, but the tradition is timeless.

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The Origin

Whiskey and beer have been made side by side in Ireland since the first monks started to distil their ‘table beer’ in the hope of capturing its vital element – the water of life. Indeed the Daly family, who first employed Daniel E. Williams at Tullamore, were brewing local beers alongside their whiskey.

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The Pairing

Over time it was noticed that these two ‘malt cousins’ were not only convenient to make together, but they formed a fine partnership on the palate. The sweetness of a “ball of malt” complemented the bitterness of their regular “pint of plain”. To enjoy the two sip by sip, side by side became a common practice in bars across Ireland.

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The Boilermaker

The practice became known as a ‘Boilermaker’ in the United States, where it was enjoyed by the working man after a hard day’s labour. The name was coined by watching what the Irishmen who worked on the railroads were ordering - “I’ll have the same as the Boilermaker and his mate.”

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